VideoGet FAQ

Q: What is VideoGet?

A: VideoGet is a powerful, easy-of-use tool that allows you to download video from online video services, such as YouTube, Google Video, etc.

Q: Is VideoGet FREE?

A: No, VideoGet is not free, but almost free, for $29.95 you'll get full registered version and all minor lifetime upgrades.

Anyway, there is a way to get VideoGet for FREE with our partners TrialPay:

Q: Is it legal?

A: There is a ton of good content on YouTube, but copyright infringement claims and DMCA take-down notices mean that any given video can disappear at any time. Having a local copy of the video means you won't lose access if YouTube removes the video from their site. And if you convert the video to any format, you can view it more comfortable for your needs. Doing this appears to be in compliance with YouTube's Terms of Use, as long as you do not distribute the videos to others, and you retain any copyright notices on the files (see sections 2A and 4). Nuclear Coffee does not take any responsibility to content you are attempting to download, since we can't handle it. We strongly recommend you not to download any copyrighted material, music videos, etc due to law restrictions. VideoGet doesn't changing content of any downloaded videos; it may only convert it to different video file format for more comfortable video watching. Nuclear Coffee has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third parties.

Q: The video was downloaded and converted without problems, but I can't watch it. No picture, only sound

A: Please visit this article

Q: I have a feature request to VideoGet, can I send it to you?

A: Of course, VideoGet will be developed further based on your feature requests.

Q: I want to download video from website which you don't support. What should I do?

A: You can request to support this website by making post to our support area. But we don't guarantee that we'll support this website due to specific technical requirements.

Q: Today I have noticed that VideoGet had started to support the new website. How did you do that?

A: The main goal of VideoGet is dynamically update the application's script at once, when you starting application. You can change these settings in "Options" dialog. It is needed for such purposes as popular video websites sometimes may change their script or to support new websites.

Q: I paste valid URL into "Add URL" dialog, but it doesn't downloading video.

A: Perhaps, website you want to download video from, changed it's script and we have not handled it yet. You may post your problem to our support area, we guarantee that you'll be answered during next 2 business days.

Q: Is there plug-ins for firefox or internet explorer browsers?

A: Yes, it does. VideoGet has FireFox and Internet Explorer Extensions

Q: Will VideoGet download streaming media via MMS:// and RTSP:// protocols?

A: No. VideoGet supports only HTTP protocol.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Ask me by posting to our support area

Ordering FAQ

Q: Is it secure to order online?

A: Yes, it is 100% secure. I use a major credit card and order fulfillment center called ShareIt. It handle over 50% of Internet software orders.

Q: I just purchased VideoGet. What next?

A: After your order details will be verified by Plimus you will receive email with activation key of VideoGet. If you don't know how to activate it - please visit this page

Q: What's the upgrade policy?

A: Any updates released within the same Major version is provided free of cost. If we'll add a drastic amount of features then we may up the version number and the cost of the upgrade will be nominal and will be determined at that time.

Q: Is tech support free?

A: Yes! It's 100% free.

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